The 5 Best Car Wash Soap & Shampoo to Buy in 2020 (Guide and Reviews)

Best Car Wash Soap

Everyone wants to make their car shine like a new one but there are so many factors like tree sap, birds dropping and splattered bug that affects the top layer of your car coating and effects the shining of your car.

Don’t worry! Washing your car daily can help you to get rid of all these tiny problems but washing your car with home detergent or household cleaning agent will not help much. So you need the best Car wash soaps to remove dust and maintain the shinning of your car.

Here we have compiled a detailed list of best five car wash soaps and a detailed guide that will help to maintain the beauty of your car and also helps to deduct car washing spray cost at the gas station.

Self Cleaning vs Gas Station Wash

This is the most common question asked from a lot of people.

Some people think that they are not able to wash their car properly. So after this, you will able to decide what the better option is.

If you have enough space or don’t have any legal barrier then it is recommended to wash your car at your home. It will help to spend quality time with your family and also you can care better than any car garage.

Washing a car at home is not a difficult task. It is explained in step by step in this detailed guide and alternately it will also help to save money.

5 Best Car Wash Soaps and Shampoo Reviews in 2020 (Our Recommendation)

There are a lot of car wash soaps and shampoo having different functions and feature. Here we will provide seven best car wash soap and shampoo you can choose according to your use and preference.

1.Meguiar’s G7101FFP Gold Class Car Wash

It is the most pristine option in terms of performance if we consider similar products. One cup of Meguiar’s G7101FFP Gold Class Car Wash soap solution will help to maintain the shinning of your car.

This is the best car soap if you are looking for an affordable option that will make your car like a new one. It helps to clean and condition your car paint in one step. So it will help to consume your energy and time as well.

It features an advanced formula that helps to remove the dust elements you’re your car without applying a wax solution. Most people give satisfactory feedback after applying this car wash soap.

It doesn’t strip off the wax from your vehicle while using. So it is a good alternative for a place where dust occurs on a regular basis.

It is tasted on thousands of vehicles and then proved that car paint will not get affected after applying this car soap. It is the absolute winner in terms of cleaning mud and footprints. There is a higher demand of best car soaps guide that will help to furnish your car back.

Top Features
  • Cleans without using car wax
  • Provide excellently finish
  • Affordable price

2. Chemical Guys CWS_101 Maxi-Suds II Super Suds Car Wash Soap and Shampoo, Cherry Scent

If you want a car soap to maintain your car weekly then Chemical Guys CWS_101 Maxi-Suds II Super Suds Car Wash Soap is a good option to consider.

It can easily use two buckets of water. In which one is of soapy water and another of clean water and you can use easily with the help of a foam gun.

This car soap has pH neural that helps in the gentle wash and helps to maintain color, plastic, the vinyl used in car parts. It can be used by everyone. No professional need to wash your car. It provides extra slick that helps to provide scratch-free washing experience.

It smells delicious. So if you prefer smelling as an option to consider than defiantly you will love this product.

Top Features
  • Safe to use on all car parts
  • pH balanced
  • Provide extra slick

3.Optimum (NRWW2012G) No Rinse Wash & Wax - 1 Gallon

It is a good product in terms of price. It comes in 1-gallon bottle water and can easily use with one bucket of water. It ensures the durability of the color of your car and exclusive blend of high lubricating polymer that helps to maintain the paint while washing.

To use this car soap you don’t need to rinse your car after a wash. So this car soap will help you in case if you are in a hurry. It is a good option for a quick and easy car wash.

If you are worried about the use then the company claims that you can easily use this product on any vehicle without any issue. It will not affect your car in any case.

The best thing about this Optimum Wash & Wax is that it can be used with very less water. So it will help to save a lot of water

Top Features
  • Save water
  • Don’t need to rinse your car
  • Affordable price

4. Chemical Guys CWS_301 Citrus Wash and Gloss Concentrated Car Wash (1 Gal)

If you are looking for a product that will not harm our environment and should be biodegradable in nature than chemical guys citrus wash might be a good option for you.

It is not much expensive if we look at another product with similar features. It is very easy to use with sprayer rather than a bucket. You need to spray the exterior of your car that ultimately helps to maintain the durability of this soap.

Soap will not affect the color of your car and also you can use it on any vehicle (not just car). If you apply a wax coat with soap than it will make your car more shiny and attractive.

Top Features
  • Comes with sprayer
  • Easy to use
  • Environment-friendly car soap

5. Adam's Car Wash Shampoo

Adam Car Wash Shampoo is a good option in terms of performance. It works great to clean your car exterior and make that dirt free and shiny. Many people find it useful in terms of eliminating dirt and grime. It is also a good option in terms of pH balancing.

It is confirmed that this product can be used on any vehicle so there is not any specific model or vehicle that product targets.

If you love washing your car in the weekend then this is the most appropriate option to consider. It also comes with an art advance chemical that allows washing your car in sunlight. According to costumer’s reviews, it is considered as best professional car shampoo in the market.

Top Features
  • Art advance chemical technology
  • Best performance
  • Appropriate for all car models

Buying Guide for Best Car Wash Soap

So after reading these reviews here is a detailed buying guide in which you will get to know about all aspects of car wash soap like things that you must consider while buying car wash soap, things needed to wash a car, steps to wash a car.

So it is recommended to read this detailed guide so you will get to know the proper use of car wash soap.

Things to consider while buying Car Wash Soap

There are so many car wash soaps and shampoo in the market. All provide different features. So to buy the best car wash soap there are some things that you must consider while buying car wash soaps that will help to make your decision better.

Product features

You need to check the specification and manufacturer guide before buying car soap. It may be possible that your car soap is not able to fulfill the requirement of your car or don’t suits the color of your car.

For example, if you use matte paint on your car then you need a different type of soap to wash your car.

Washing Foam

It is the most important aspect to consider because car foam will help most to remove the dirt of your car. In case, if your car foam spongy it means you need fewer efforts to wash your car and also it will not affect the color of the car. So make sure that foam must be spongy.

Soap pH

The pH of soap effects the color of a car. It means you have to check the pH if you want to maintain the beauty of your car. It is recommended to have a car soap with a neutral pH value. It will help to remove dust without harming your car color balance.

Eco Friendly

With better results, it also very important to prioritize the environment as well. In the short run, you will not find any difference but in the long run, you will face many difficulties. Make sure to purchase a product that will not harm the environment and also biodegradable in nature.

Availability of water

It is also very important to consider checking the availability of water in your area. If you are living in an area where there is very less supply of water then there are many car shampoos and soaps available in the market that will minimize the requirement of water.


Checking the finishing of your car is also very important because it is the main motive behind purchasing car shampoo or car soap. So check for batter option if that product is not satisfying your demand.


You must ensure the value of car soap before buying. It is recommended to buy 64 ounces, as they are more durable and affordable to purchase.

Equipment needed to Wash Your Car

Equipment needed in car washing

You are living in the 21st century, here it is not possible to wash your car with a bucket including shampoo. We need some equipment to properly wash the car properly.  So you must consider this list of equipment that we recommended.

  1. Microfiber Car Wash sponge: It will work better to remove dirt and helps to maintain the shinning of your car.
  2. Glove: It will reduce the time required to wash a car and work as subordinator.
  3. Brush: If you want to wash your tire properly then brush will help to remove dirt present in the rim.
  4. Kink Free Garden Hose: It is important to purchase an adjustable sprayer that helps to change the pattern of water while washing your car.
  5. Two Buckets (with grit guard): To process the washing process it is okay to have 10-liter bucket. One with soap water and other having clean water.
  6. Car soap: Finally, You need a car soap or car shampoo that alternately helps to clean your car.
  7. Dry cloth: After washing you need a piece of dry cloth to clean water from your car.
Always use the best Car wash soap and avoid using home detergents. It will affect the shinning of your car in the long run)

Steps to Wash Your Car

Firstly check out the windows of your car. Make sure that windows must be properly shut. It insures that water will not get into your car than put the windshield viper away from windshield than put a clean and dry cotton cloth and remove the dirt from your car. It will help to remove initial dust from your car.

Now mix the soap and water into your bucket and put some clean water into another bucket. Now put some clean water on water. Once your car is covered with water then put that solution in hand and then use a wash mitt to put soapy solution to bucket and cover whole parts of your car with that soapy solution.

Now, clean your car with plain water and ensure that water will move freely on your car after that you have to clean your car with a cotton hand towel to prevent from water spots.

Helpful Tips for Washing Your Car

Tips for car washing

Washing a car is not a simple task. It needs some knowledge and experience to properly wash your car. These tips will help to make this complicated task more simple and easy.

  1. Put water before using car shampoo: This is very important to keep in mind. Water is the necessary element while washing your car. Cleaning your car with water in starting will help to remove the initial dust that will help to maintain the shinning of your car in the long run.
  2. Don’t use the high-pressure spray: Always avoid high-pressure spray because these sprays can damage the paint of your car.
  3. The window must be closed: You must always confirm that windows of car must be closed while washing your car to ensure that water is not entered in your car.
  4. Always use clean cloth: It is important to use a clean cloth because it will affect the shinning of your car.
  5. Car Waxing: If you want your car more shinning than additionally, you can put car waxing. It will make you feel like a new car.


Every person have to know about car wash soap or car wash shampoo. It is the good option to consider if you want to maintain the beauty of your car at affordable price.

There are lots of products in market but you have to choose the best one. We hope that this detailed guide and reviews will help you a lot to maintain your car in new condition.

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