7 Best Jack Stand For Your Car in 2020 (Reviews and Buying Guide)

There is various time when we are working beneath the car and in this case, we also lift the vehicle with a hydraulic jack. Think for a while what happens if the jack fails. the tonnes of weight car can fall upon us and it can cause serious damage or even death.

So for dual safety buy best stand jack for your car. while jack lifts the car and jack stand will keep lift up the car if the jack fails. So never compromise with your safety to save just a few bucks.

So that why we are here, today we have reviewed some of the best jack stands for a car in the market for you. Along with reviews we also included in-depth buying guide that will further help you to buy jack stand according to your requirement.

Also, discuss several major other things about stand jack. Let start with reviews for quick buying needs.

7 Best Car Jack Stand Reviews 2020

Alltrade 640912 Black 3 Ton,All-in-One Bottle Jack.

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All-trade all one is a unique jack stand. the unique thing about this stand jack is that it has inbuilt hydraulic jack. So with inbuilt jack you can uplift the car and simultaneously jack stand will keep lifting the vehicle.

It can lift the vehicle between 11 to 21 inches that is sufficient for working under a car, SUV and off-road vehicle. This is made from high-quality steel, also have inbuilt bottle jack.

Jack stand includes a safety bar which locks at the desired height and a wide steel base for stability under load. It has 4000 weight-lifting capacity.

Torin Big Red Steel Jack Stands: 3 Ton Capacity, 1 Pair

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When it comes to Torin Big Red Steel Jack Stands, then they are the most high-quality jack stand maker in the market. Torin Big Red Steel Jack Stands is the best seller jack stand in the market and highly rated and trusted by thousands of customer.

This jack stand is made from high-quality durable steel with a broader base that will further ensure maximum stability. This jack can lift to 16 inches with quick height adjustment mechanism.

Comes with a double locking system to further ensure safety and not let call fall down at any cost.

Toring big red jack stand comes with a weight capacity of 3 ton, 6 ton, 9ton and 12 ton. as you can buy according to your needs.

It has followed ASME Safety Standards and will give you a limited 1-year manufacturer warranty

Pro-LifT T-6906D Double Pin Jack Stands – 6 Ton.

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Here is another high-quality durable jack by Pro-lift. This jack also highly rated and best seller on popular online store like Amazon. It has made from heavy durable steel. Jack stand has a broader base that provides better stability when then the weight is on.

It will come with easy to adjust technology you can easily adjust the height of iron ratchet bar smoothly without any hurdle. its weight lifting is 6 ton that is sufficient for offload SUV.

To further ensure the safety it will have dual lock safety. it has both
both handle locks and mobility pin to not let down the car.

If you are looking for an affordable stand jack with high lifting capacity, then this will be a great choice for you

OTC 1780 Jack Stand – 1 Pair

These are heavy duty durable sold jack stand. the pair has a total weight of 80 pound which is quite heavy. Made from high-quality steel and have beauty finish and look. It has a border base to provide more stability to the jack stand for further safety.

With this otc jack you can lift your vehicle upto 12 inches. It has Pin style non-ratchet height adjustment system with that height adjusted after every three inches upto 12 inches. However, the pin locking system is safer than other forms of locking system.

It has 12 tone holding capacity which is even can lift a small truck. So with this you can lift all types of car, SUV easily. Meet all us safety stand.

Torin Big Red Aluminum Jack Stands: 3 Ton Capacity, 1 Pair

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Torin is a reputable brand in vehicle accessories and thousands of people rated it highly. This pair of an aluminum jack stand is extremely lightweight and very easy to use. one extra feature because of aluminum they never get rusted

It has an exceptional quality astonishing look with excellent lifting capacity and crafted beautifully

These aluminum jack stands have pin type adjustment and the height can be adjusted smoothly between 9 inches to 15 inches that is more than sufficient to lift your car to work under it efficiently. It has five pin hole to lock at it every inch according to once requirement.

This jack stand has cast aluminum broader base that provides you great stability while kept lifting your car. it has a weight lifting capacity of 3 tonnes.

AmazonBasics SW-STJK06 Steel Jack Stands, 6 Ton Capacity – 1 Pair

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Hey there, as Amazon itself makes this jack stand. As Amazon is world largest, trusted and most popular store. Amazon Basics SW-STJK06 Steel Jack Stand is made from high-quality steel.

It has a broader base that will provide more stability and safety while using it. It have height adjust feature that will let you easily adjust the height of jack according to needs.

This jack stand can have a weight lifting capacity of 6 tone that is good enough to lift your large SUV or jeep.

If you are looking an affordable, high quality, strong jack stand made by trusted brand then this will be a good option for you.

Omega 32225B Black Heavy Duty Jack Stand – 22 Ton Capacity

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If you are looking for one jack stand pair that can lift any type of vehicles from a small car to a large truck, then surely this will be an excellent option for you. It extremely durable and have a weight lift capacity of 22 tones (44000 pounds). It has nearly eight times more weight lifting capacity than standard three tone jack stand.

Except for its excellent weight lifting capacity, it is made from industrial grade weld steel which is exceptionally durable and robust and will not twist when heavyweight vehicle put on it.

It has excellent adjusting height of from 13.3 inches to 19.6 inches. This is ideal for lifting any kind of vehicle to work under it correctly. It has a pin locking system with massive locking pins that make you feel safe while working with your vehicle.

It will come with a 1-year manufacturer warranty to further ensure you about product quality.

How do I choose a jack stand : in-depth Buying Guide 2020

The most important factor a person should look into while buying a jack stand is its weight-lifting capacity. If you choose the wrong weight lifting capacity of jack stand then the consequences of it might be harmful.

Weight lifting capacity.

So always choose a jack stand that can handle the weight of your vehicle safely and keep it lift securely.

So suppose you have a small car, and sedan car or SUV then you can use 3 ton to 6-ton jack that it sufficient to hold your vehicle and for the heavy vehicle such large SUV, the mini truck then you can use 12 tone jack. If you have mega trucks such as 18 tire truck then use the jack above 22 tone weight holding capacity.

Quality and durability

However, jack stands are made to lift weight but also consider how durable they are. Always prefer the jack stands that are made from iron or industrial grade steel. However aluminum jack stands are good but don,t use them for heavy vehicles such as truck or mini-buses.

Always check and test your jack stand before to use them finally. There may be any loose screw or weak handle. Ensure that it can efficiently handle the weight.

Height and adjustment

Before buying a jack stand you should consider the height capabilities of a jack stand. It means at what maximum extend a jack stand can lift your vehicle. So to lift a sedan car or to raise a truck or SUV both requires a different type of jack stand’s lift heights capability.

To lift your car height at a certain height will not only prevent from injury and harm but also let your hand move freely while working and installing car components. So you can free quickly and efficiently under the car vehicle changing and fixing car components.

Use adjustable jack stand that are easy to use and adjust the height according to once requirement.

Lock mechanic and safety feature

Always check the safety feature of a jack stands before to buy it. There are various lock mechanics are used to keep the car in place at a certain height. There is some company provide dual lock system that will further ensure safety. Pin lock and handle lock are safe to use. However, pin lock is safer than handle lock.

Always check the base of before choosing a jack stand. A broader base of jack stand provides more stability to your jack. So make sure that always buy check that has a more extensive base.

Some company gives rubber pads at the top of the jack stand to while lifting car your car will not get any scratches.

Where Do I Put Jack Stands Under the Car?

However many people don’t have an idea where to put the jack stand under the car while lifting a car. So don,t worry with next few minutes you will get to know where to place jack while lifting a car.

It is also essential you put jack at the right place while lifting car; otherwise, it may let your car fall and this might cause a hazard.

The manufacturer has made jack point (dedicated area) beneath the car. These jack points are specially made to place jack and jack stands. these locations are safe and non-sleepy to lift the car


There are many cases when jack fails and it will let your car fall down. So this will be dangerous things. Basically, jacks are made to lift the vehicle not to keep it lifting securely. So in this, you should use jack stand that will keep lifting car secure. So you can work under the car easily and safely. thus never compromises with your safety just to save few bucks

So here we have reviewed 7 best jack stand for your vehicle in the market this year. We also included a detailed guide that will help you to choose the best jack stand according to once requirement. We also discussed several things like how to use/place a jack stand under the car.

I hope this guide will be helpful to you. If you find this resource useful, please share it with your friends and family. It might be useful for someone else.

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