5 Best Jumper Cables Reviews and In-depth Buying Guide in 2020

Best Jumper Cable

What if you went for a picnic with your family and your car stops in between the way because of a dead car battery.

In that case, the only option available is to jump-start your car with a cable and wait for the help from strangers so that they can provide electricity from their vehicle in that case, having a best jumper cable works as a life saver.

It is the most important thing that you must have it in your car all the times while traveling. They are light weighted and cheap that allows the mobility of these cables. It acts as a first aid kit of your car that works great in case of an emergency.

You need to buy a jumper cable that is easy to use and having all the essential features that are necessary to jump start. So given below are the reviews of 5 best jumper cable available in the market and later on, we also provide an in-depth buying guide that provides all necessary information regarding jumper cable.

Best Jumper Cables Reviews in 2020

There are many jumper cable available in the market but we have to choose the one that is suitable according to our requirement. So these 5 best jumper cable reviews will definitely help you to purchase the best option in the market. You can easily justify by these reviews.

1. Energizer 2-Gauge 800A Heavy Duty Jumper Battery Cables

We placed Energizer 2-Gauge 800A on number one slot because it is the most affordable product that comes with such quality. You will never face any problem after purchasing this jumper cable because it provides all the necessary features. The clamp tips are made up of copper that is the good conductor of heat and electricity.

The inside wire is made up with copper clad aluminum and that’s the reason that this jumper cable is not expensive. Another positive aspect of this jumper cable is that it comes with the length of 20 feet so that you will not find difficulty while charging the battery.

So the person who is looking is looking for an affordable option and don’t require jumper cable on a regular basis so Energizer 2-Gauge 800A is a great option to consider.

Best Features

  • affordable Price
  • The clamp tips are made up of copper
  • inside wire is made up with copper clad aluminum

2. CARTMAN Booster Cable 4 Gauge x 20Ft

Cartman is working in the automobile industry since a very long period of time. It comes with a 12/24 volt option that can be used with any vehicle. The quality of this cable is very high that rainwater and water-oil chemical cant harm this cable.

The t-prene coating helps to make it more flexible even if the temperature is below -15 degree that makes it unique among all jumper cable.  Twice grip clamps ensure the better connectivity of the cable wire. It comes with the length of 20 feet that allows the connectivity even after the car parked at some distance. These jumper cables are mostly side post fitted that make it easy to use with trucks and cars. Amazon is placing it in the category of “Amazon’s choice” and more than 600 positive reviews are showing the satisfaction of the users.

Best Features

  • Lenght of cable is 20 meter
  • t-prene coating helps to make it more flexible
  • It comes with a 12/24 volt option

3. Forney 52878 Battery Jumper Cables

Forney cables are the most accessible and provide many features that help to jump start your car in case of an emergency. The best feature of Forney jumper cable is that it provides 4 length options so you can choose the one according to your use and preference.

The main thing to consider is that this jumper cable can work with heavy duty. So keeping this purpose in mind the wire is made up with premium copper that helps to pass the current at a higher rate. The 500 amps clamp easily passes the current and reduce the chances of short circuit.

So it is the best option to consider if you need a jumper cable for excessive use and also convenient in terms of use.

Best Features

  • Lenght of cable is 20 meter
  • it provides 500 amps clamp
  • No Chance of short circuit

4. OxGord Jumper Cable

Ox Gord is another best option available in the market that provides extra strong grip teeth that are made up of copper. It allows T-Prane coating to make your cable flexible even in extremely low temperature.

This cable is very easy to use. You don’t need any professional to jump-start your car. All the instruction and process is clearly written on the box. Ox Gord features triple polarity identification system that makes it unique. The design is so convenient that you can easily use it with side terminal and top post batteries.

The package includes free travel beg. You can use it while traveling or you can place the wire inside this beg.

Best Features

  • It allows T-Prane coating
  • Affordable Price
  • It features triple polarity identification system

5. Iron Forge Tools 20 Foot Jumper Cables with Carry Bag

Iron forge jumper cable provides all the features that are marked as an important point while buying a jumper cable. The length of the cable is 20 feet that are sufficient to connect two car batteries. These wires are more popular as they are ETL listed and CCA constructed.

This wire is designed to work in extremely low temperature. You will experience tangled free connection in any weather condition. The clamps are made up of copper and come with a great grip so that you can easily attach it with terminals of batteries.

Another great feature of this cable is that both clamps color are different i.e black and red. So it will be easy to connect these clamps in the right terminal so it will minimize the chances of short circuit. You will get a carry beg additionally so that you can place the cable inside that beg.

Best Features

  • wires are ETL listed and CCA constructed
  • Cable can work in extremely low temperature
  • both clamps color are different i.e red and black

Jumper Cable Buying Guide

We are the person of our words, As mentioned above here we will provide an in-depth buying guide so with the help of that you get to know more about jumper cable like installing, use and other relevant information. So it is recommended to read this detailed guide before taking any decision.

Things to consider while buying jumper cable for your car

Buying a jumper cable is not an easy task you have to keep several things in your mind so that the product matches your requirement. So it is advised to keep these points in your mind while purchasing jumper cable.

Length of Cable

It is the most important thing to keep in mind while buying a jumper cable. Always prefer longer cable as much as possible because in case of emergency you need to take electric charge from another car so it becomes very easy to place both car parallel and join with the help of a cable.

The average length of jumper cable is 3 meter but always try for the 5-meter cable although it is little difficult to find a jumper cable with 5-meter length there are some companies that provide longer cables.

Price of cable

It is also very important to keep the price in mind because there are many cheap options available in the market but it is advised to go with the jumper cable that is supreme in quality although the price quality products are relatively high. Although there are some options available with 10 to 20$ price range it is advised to go with a premium quality product.


It is the best point that justifies the quality of the overall product although it is measured in numeric number. It shows the thickness of the wire under the cable. If you are going to jump-start a car then you need a cable around 7 gauge on the other hand in case of the truck it is around 4. So you have to choose according to your vehicle.


Thickness directly affects the durability of your jumper cable. So always choose the thick jumper cable for your car. Sometimes it is also labeled as best heavy duty jumper cables.


While selecting clamp you need to check that it must have strong and gripped teeth so that it can be attached with a battery. If the clamp is available that fits both top and side port of batteries then it is better to purchase that cable.


The insulation covered with the wire that helps to provide safety from the shocks and electric accidents. So if you are a person who prioritizes safety more then anything else then you need to buy high-quality insulation.


You need to check the material of jumper cable because it ensures the durability as well as the quality of the product. So it is recommended to purchase a cable that is made up with pure copper cable or Copper clad aluminum. It is because the current goes relatively faster from a copper wire.

Process of Using Jumper Cable (Step by Step)

It is very easy to use a jumper cable but you need to know several things for establishing a secure connection between two car batteries.

Firstly, you need to check that both the car should be placed at a particular place. Make sure to put the hand break of both the cars so that the car will not move in between the process of jump starting.

After that, you need to open the hood of your car and connect both car batteries. Make sure that you have to connect the black cable with a black terminal (- sign) and red cable with a red terminal (+ sign) and same with other car battery. If you accidentally connect the cable incorrectly then the chances of short circuit increases. It is equally important to consider the placement of cable should be far away from the engine because the chances of melting are high if placed near the engine.

Now you need to start the car with a dead battery. It will help to eliminate the current at more rapid speed and replace the lost electricity. The alternator also ensures that there is not any problem in the electric system of the donor car. If the car started successfully, now remove the jumper cable safely but this time also you need to plug out both positive terminals and then plug out the cable from negative terminals. 

The last thing you need to confirm is that sometimes cable got heated out. So don’t place the cable inside your car just after unplugging. You need to wait for some time and if it is excessively heated then it’s time to change the wire. 


Given below are the frequently asked questions of the people who want to buy a jumper cable for their vehicle and we have provided the best answers to their questions.

What is jumper cable?

Sometimes the vehicle stops in between the road due to low battery. So we need one wire that transfers the current from one vehicle to another that wire is known is jumper cable or in other words, we can say that it is the set of insulated wires that works in transferring current from one vehicle to another vehicle.

The current pass through that cable is not the same. You have to check the flow of current according to your vehicle.

How do Jumper Cable Works?

We need to connect the batteries of two vehicles with the help of jumper cable then it will boost the battery in some time that is low or dead. After this process, the battery generates the initial energy to start the engine. Once it started, now it works like the regular flow and generates electric current.

Mainly people carry the jumper cable in the trunk of their cars so that they can easily carry out in case of emergency.

Which jumper cable is best for my car short or long?

There are two different aspects of choosing a jumper cable. Firstly talking about long jumper cable, sometimes it becomes difficult to join two car edge to edge while connected with a jumper cable. So a large jumper cable helps to attach two cars even there is sufficient space between both cars. On the other hands, it is a comparatively better option in terms of carrying along with your car and the chances of tangling is also very less. So after evaluating these aspects, you can choose a cable that suits most.

Is it the signal of battery replacement if I need to jump start my car?

It is not necessary that you need to replace the battery if you need to jump start because sometimes battery may be discharged due to our own ignorance likewise forgot to turn off the lights or any other reason. In that case, you don’t need to replace it but if it is happening continuously then it may be a serious concern then also you firstly need to check the battery and if you find any problem in a battery then you can replace the battery of your vehicle.

What will happen if I connect the cables incorrectly?

You need very serious attention while connecting the clamps to the battery of both vehicles. It may cause electric current flow may burn the electric terminals although wires are marked with clear connection indicators. So always try to avoid these accidents but seriously attaching wires.

Final Words

Standing alongside the road is very difficult so it batters to have a jumper cable with you anytime so that you can take the help of strangers or if someone needs help then also you can provide if you have the cable on that point of time.

So these detailed jumper cable reviews and guide will help to justify your buying decision and helps to purchase the best jumper cable that is perfect according to your need and preference.

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