7 Best Portable Air Compressor For Cars In 2020 (Reviews and Buying guide)


The best portable air compressor is the essential accessories; most of the time, portable air infiltrator is easily overlooked until something went wrong. It may be a tire leakage or flat tire and you have to travel a lot.

Not only it is useful to fill the air in a car tire at the time of emergency, but it can be used to fill the air mattress, rafting boat, bicycle or any air fill toys.

A portable air compressor is an air compressor designed for easy transportation and usually powered by 12v dc car socket that every car have. It can able to fill compressed air in tire anywhere between 10-100psi that all you need.

So today we have reviewed some of the best portable air compressors of 2019 in the market for you. We also have included a detailed buying guide that will further help you to choose the best portable air compressor according to your requirements.

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So let first start with reviews.

Our pick: 7 best portable air compressor of 2020 reviews

Here below we have reviewed 7 best portable air compressor for tire fill that will help you when you need them most. They are easy to carry and portable and all run on 12v dc car socket.

EPAuto 12V DC Portable Air Compressor Pump, Digital Tire Inflator

EPAuto, best Portable Air Compressor for car

EPAuto Portable Air Compressor is a digital infiltrator air compressor that is powered by 12v dc car cigarette socket for convenient. It has a digital meter gauge that will let you the amount of air pumped into the tire.

Another cool feature which we like the most is that it has an inbuilt auto cut feature which will prevent over inflation. You can set a limit of air inflation after it will auto cut.

The other cool feature is that it will auto cut power to prevent overheating. Usually, air compressor tools will increase the temperature when they are in use and if you forget to give them break they will burn out. It will auto cut when it reaches to high temperature.

This infliator will have the capacity to fill 100psi air in a tire. It will work effectively to fill tire of car, sedan and SUV. However, it will not be recommended to fill the air on the truck and more substantial vehicle.

Oasser air Compressor Electric inflator Portable Handheld Pump

Oasser Electric inflator Portable Hand held Pump

It will have the capacity to fill 100psi air in a tire. It will work effectively to fill tire of car, sedan and SUV. However, it will not be recommended to fill the air on the truck and more substantial vehicle.
oasser air Compressor Electric inflator Portable Handheld Pump with Digital LCD Rechargeable Li-ion 12v 130psi p2

Oasser air compressor is the convenient and portable wireless inflator to fill the air in car tire or sports equipment. It is powered by 2200 inbuild rechargeable battery and you don,t need to power it up with 12v dc car socket.

It can fill the air on the tire of car, SUV, bike, cycle and sports ball. However, due to powered by battery, it will not be recommended to fill the air on truck and tractor tire.

Its unique design and high portability will let you fill the air with ease. Due to battery operated you don,t need any external power to run it. Its shape design makes it extremely easy to use. It will also have led light to let you will the air conveniently, even at night.

The other cool feature is that it will have a small LCD screen that will show you the battery status and live psi pressure in the tire. You can also set the psi limit to prevent over inflation.

DBPOWER DC 12V Mini Tire Inflator, Portable Compact Air Compressor Pump for Cars

DBPOWER  Mini Tire Inflator, Air Compressor for Cars,

This mini size portable compressor air pump is an essential tools for both your car and garage. It is compact and highly portable so that it can be easily stored in the garage and car.

DBpower is small and handy but does not compromise compress power as it can will the 0-35 psi in a car tire within 10 minutes as it will come with a three mitre wire cord so you will not face any difficulty while inflating air in all car tire.

This air compressor also has an inbuilt tire pressure gauge that keeps measuring the tire pressure while inflating air in the tire so you will get to know when to stop the compressor.

You will get no question asked 12-month warranty that further ensure its quality and durability.

PORTER-CABLE CMB15 (1.5 Gallon) Oil-Free Fully Shrouded / Hand Carry Compressor Kit with 25′ Hose

PORTER Hand Carry Compressor Kit

This is a professional quality portable handheld air compressor can be used to pump the air into a car tire, playing balls, inflated toys and other vehicles. It is portable so you can easily store into your garage or into your car.

It also contains 1.5-litre inbuilt gallon to store air pressure upto 150psi. So it can run longer. You can also run power tools with it. Get inbuild dual pressure gauge meter to measure the air in tank and tire.

To pump the air, it has an inbuilt durable, powerful oil-free motor which allows motor longer life and less maintenance. Except for powerful motor, it also has a fabulous look and contains a water drain valve and rubber feet.

You will get few accessories with it are a 25-foot high-quality hos, variety of hose nozzle and few other minor accessories.

Viair 00073 70P Heavy Duty Portable Compressor

Viair 00073 Heavy Duty Portable Compressor

If you have done a little bit of research, then you will know that air is a reputable brand in building high quality and durable car air compressor. viair 70p heavy duty is portable air compressor that can pump air into tire unto 100psi which sufficient to even fill an SUV tire.

If this little handy portable air compressor you will get a high-quality small bag to store it safely and can put the bag into your car’s trunk to take it with your self anywhere.

With it, there is 4 feet and 16 feet house that is enough to reach all the tire of the car easily. To power up, you will get 15 feet power cord that can be plugged into car cigarette 12v socket.

This product is highly rated and trusted by thousands of car lover.

BLACK+DECKER ASI300 Air Station Inflator

BLACK DECKER Air Station Inflator

Black decker as 300 is beautiful small compact air compressor that is so handy that you can take it anywhere with you and can be stored easily in your car and garage.

It has a dial-based interface to set the inflate pressure after it will auto cut and prevent to over inflate tire. However, the dial-based interface is a little typical to use than a digital screen.

Here another cool thing about is that it can work both with 110v power plug or you can use car cigarette 12v socket to power it. It has high pumping capacity you can inflate the tire of bike, car, SUV even mini truck. It will auto cut to decided psi.

You will get all type of accessories and nozzle with it. Further, you will get a two-year warranty with this compressor.

Viair 00088 88P Portable Air Compress

Viair 00088 88P Portable Air Compressor for car

Viair 88P is an industrial grade heavy duty portable air compressor is suitable to pump air in any kind of vehicle tire. You can inflate on the tire of car, SUV, sedan and even truck tire and it can pump the tire of unto 33 inches that can be used in SUV and truck. However, you can also inflate air mattress, balls, inflatables.

This portable compress comes with powered by alligator clamp so to give the power you can directly attach it to the battery of the car. There is 9 feet power cord so it will easily reach the battery of the car. However, you will 16 feet coil long air host that let you easily reach to all tire of the car.

When it comes to the air compress capacity than it can pump the upto 120 psi air in SUV tire. It will also get an inbuilt pressure gauge meter to measure the air while pumping into the tire. Further, you will get a led light with it that will help you at night.

You will get one year warranty with it, so further that ensure product durability and quality.

Type of portable air compressor

As you know that there are various type of air compressor comes in the market. Each one have different from other in shape, size, feature and different method to use to pump the air into tires or anything.

There are larger compressors which have large tanks to store in the air and later can be used to inflate the tire. These are industrial grade compressor and are not portable in nature. They will be fixed in a workshop or petrol pumps to inflate the tire.

However, the portable air compress are much smaller than larger compressor you can store them into your car’s trunk and take them to anywhere. They are basically run by 12v car cigarette socket.

These are generally designed for private vehicle and mainly not have air compress tank to store and have to regularly run to fill the tire or any other inflatables.

Things to consider while buying a portable air compressor

As each air compress have there, own features also have their own pros and cons. So here below, we have described the major key feature and things to consider while buying a portable air compressor. So you can consider and weight them according to your requirement and wish.

Pumping capacity

The is the most required feature you should consider because this is for what we are buying it. So before buying, make sure that it can efficiently inflate the air into your car. There are infiltrators available into the market that have a capacity between 30 psi to 150 Psi. You can choose according to your need. For cars, you need 60 psi and for SUV and mini truck, you will need above 100psi pumping capacity.

Digital gauge vs analogue gauge.

This is the also another critical feature to consider. With some compressor you get digital gauge with other you to get analogue gauge. However modern compressor came with an LCD digital meter. Lcd digital meters are easy to read and have better night visibility. In analog meter, it is challenging to read accurate pressure, but analogue gauges are more durable and will not get spoiled.

Auto cut and presetting

There are various compressor which would auto cut at desired psi or per-scheduled psi. This will prevent to overinflate. So you will not have to bother to manually cut the power when desired air is pumped.

Will they be powered by 12v car socket?

For a portable compressor, they must be powered by the car’s 12v cigarette socket. In case of emergency on the roadside, it is the only option to power your inflator. While there are other compresses which are dual and can be powered by both car cigarette socket and a 110v outlet plug. So make sure your compressed must be powered by car 12v socket.

Accessories and additional feature

You can just have a quick glance over the additional accessories and some minor feature. Which you will get with your compressor. Like you can get different types of nozzles with your compress that will help you to inflate other things like football, inflate mattress and many other things.

So other additional features are like inbuild lights that will give better visibility at night and help you inflate with ease.

What is correct air psi for your car tire?

The correct air pressure is essential for every vehicle. An over-inflated tire will do more damage the tire or it can even burst. Or underinflated tire will damage to car rim and also broke and tore the tire from the side.

So you should have ideal tire pressure to get the best performance by your tire.

We know what you are thinking, how to know what should be the ideal tire pressure (psi should be)?

Nearly all the vehicles have a sticker on driver side doorjamb that has recommended tire pressure. However, if you do not get any label, you can check your car manual for ideal pressure.

If you carefully look at the side of the tire there is recommended tire pressure is written.

Finally, if you do not get the information from any of the above sources. Then you can contact your near tire dealer and get an idea from them or you can contact your car company customer care. Tell them your car model and ask from ideal psi from them.

Final Words

To have the right amount of air pressure is essential for your car; otherwise, it will damage your car tire and durability and will affect your driving smoothness.

In case of an emergency at the side of the road if your car tire leak or have less air in the tire and longer distance to cover. Then portable air compressor will be your best friend. However, it will also help you to inflate air during holiday picnic and camping to inflate rafting boat, inflatable mattress and volleyball.

So after a year of experience and several hours of research. We have reviewed some of the best air compressors for your car. We also have included buying guide to help you further make the right choice.

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