The 7 Best Truck Bed Liner in 2020 (Reviews and Guide)

Best Truck Bed Liner

The Truck is generally used in hooding cargo but it causes so many dents on the bed of the truck while loading cargo. So you have to choose the best truck bed liner that will help to protect from damage that causes due to cargo shift and rolls.

It is the must use the product for the people who carry cargo from one place to others on a regular basis. Although it will not protect your truck bed from heavy damage but surely protect your cargo. So it is a good deal to purchase a truck bed liner instead of the price of the cargo.

So for better maintenance of your truck bed here we have reviewed some of best truck bed liner available in the market and also provide an ultimate guide that will surely help to take the best decision.

7 Best Truck Bed Liner in 2020 (Our Recommendation)

There are many products in the market that come with different features but you have to choose one best out of them. Here we will review seven truck bed liners in the market. It is recommended to read these detailed reviews and select the product that meets your requirement and preference.

1.Herculiner HCL1B8 Brush-on Bed Liner Kit

It is the best available product in the market in terms of performance and durability. If you want a budget-friendly bed liner then Herculiner HCL1B8 Brush-on Bed Liner Kit is a good option to consider.

It is very easy to use. So in case if you want to spray bed liner then you will find it easy to take it off. The spray will help to prevent your cargo from moisture. So these factors will provide desirable performance while driving.

liner kit includes one gallon of protective coating, one application brush for corners, two rollers for easy/even application, one roller handle, and abrasive pad to prepare the truck bed.

It is compatible in nature that means you can choose it with your desired surface type including rubber, metal, PVC, and wood. It offers a full surface covering option that means you can cover all parts including wheel upper surface.

It provides a glossy finish that works in maintaining the beauty and shinning of this product. It is five times thicker than other roll-ons.


  • Tough Coating
  • Provide skid resistant surface
  • Include Extra brush

2.U-Pol Products RAPTOR Black Truck Bed Liner Kit – 1 Gallon Kit (Amazon Choice)

U pol raptor liner kit is a high-quality product that works great with any surface and perfect for every truck size. So you don’t need to worry regarding the measurement of this product.

In case of installation, You can use the method batter suits you like a spray gun, roller or brush or in case if you find it difficult to use then you can install it manually. Each method will provide different finishing.

Liner kit provides safety from scratches, dents and UV rays. It makes a layer that will protect your truck from rust and other climatic change. The layer will allow the liner kit to work at extremely high temperature.  

Once you put it on your truck surface you will not be disturbed from the sound caused by sliding of cargo.


  • Stain and scratch protection
  • Provide protection from UV rays
  • Perfect for every truck size

3.Custom Coat BLACK 4 Liter Urethane Spray-On Truck Bed Liner Kit with Custom Coat Spray Gun and Regulator

The most important feature of a custom coat bed liner kit is it can be used with any surface like wood, aluminum, plastic, and fiberglass.

Custom kit includes black bed liner base, coat hardener. In additionally it comes with a spray gun that has a market value of around 30$. It makes your spray job more effective and interesting. The spray gun is also very easy to use. You just add hardliner than shake bottle for a while and finally spray.

For better results, it is recommended to read all guidelines carefully. So that you can get the best results possible. It provides extra protection from dust, UV rays, and moisture that directly affect the material placed inside the truck.

So if you are looking for an option that provides quality and affordability then custom coat black bed liner is a good option for you.


  • Kit contains enough material to spray larger trucks
  • Includes spray gun
  • Easy to use

4.Rust-Oleum Automotive 248915 32-Ounce Truck Bed Coating Quarts, Black

The most important feature of Rust-Oleum Automotive coating is that it is very easy to use. In order to install you need to follow three simple steps i.e Firstly, you need to clean and sand the entire surface of your truck. Then with the help of cleaner or degreaser, you have to clean the dust particle or other ingredients on the surface after that allow the truck bed to dry.

Than finally cover all areas except for truck bed liner to protect from spoil cause while applying truck bed liner.

The product comes with qt black truckbed coating that allows extra protection to the items placed in the truck. It is more flexible and easy to roll.

You will not find any difficulty while brushing on this liner. It is an idle option for running boards and bed rails.


  • Improve your truck appearance
  • Includes stop rust formula
  • It is easy to roll

5.BedRug Full Bedliner BRC07SBK fits 07+ SILVERADO / SIERRA 6′ 6″ BED

It is the best option to consider if you want comfort for your knees with the protection of truck bed and cargo. It is more durable in nature as it is made up with 100% polypropylene which is essentially plastic. It provides a void-free surface for easy access to factory tie downs.

It gets fitted on any type of surface. So you don’t need to measure or evaluate the surface type before installation. You can easily wash battery acid, bleach with a simple brush.

BedRug Full Bedliner comes with a non-skid surface that will not allow cargo to move while driving. It is UV resistant and never fade due to high temperature. The foam is made with water-resistant material that doesn’t allow water to enter.


  • Rugged construction for heavy cargo
  • Perfectly molds to fit in your truck surface
  • Comes with anti-skid surface

6.Speedokote T-Rex Black Bed Liner, 2K Urethane, SMR-1000-K4 Truck Bedliner w/Free Spray Gun

Speedokote T-Rex Black Bed Liner is an essential product for the maintenance of your truck. It works in three-step process i.e Adding hardener then shake and spray.

It is one of the top brands that provide protection from dust, scratches, and dents. It provides a unique design that looks pretty cool with your truck.

Speedokote T-Rex Black Bed Liner comes with a great number of supplies that provide help while applying bed liner.

It comes with a gun spray that helps to provide the faster application of liner to bed. So if you want a nice truck bed without taking enough time then this product is considered as a good option.

Price is a little higher but provides great value for money by providing safety from rusting, corrosion and salt deposit also.


  • Comes with three step installation
  • Includes spray gun
  • Provides chemical resistant finish

7.Rough Country RCM640 – RC Logo Contoured Rubber Bed Mat 5 FT 5″ Beds (fits)

This product is an idle option for those who are looking for a truck bed for heavy duty cargo. It is made up of heavy duty 3/8 rubber that provides extra security from scratches and rusting.

The rough Country bed provides high compound rubber that works in high temperature or even with extreme climatic changes.

Rough county logo design made it more attractive and catches eye attention of people and made your truck’s interior more superior.

It provides an extra coating that helps to stop fading of color due to oil and other ingredients. It also provides precise Fitment utilizing Custom Molding and the non-skid surface doesn’t allow moving cargo while traveling.

It comes with Superior abrasion resistance and tears strength that works great with rough roads.


  • Non skid surface reduces friction
  • Extra thick rubber provide more protection
  • Superior abrasion resistance and tear strength

Buying Guide for Best Truck Bed Liner

This buying guide will help to know in detail about each and every aspect that matter while buying a truck bed liner. So make your decision keeping this detailed guide in your mind.

Things to Consider While buying Best Truck Bed Liner

Choosing best truck bed liner is not an easy task you have to keep many things in your mind while purchasing a truck bed liner that will help to take a better decision.

Use of Truck

This is the most important thing to consider because the features you need in your truck bed liner is depended upon the use.

If you use your truck for carrying lightweight things and want to keep those things away from rusting then you a regular spray will protect your coating from moisture.

On another hand, if you use your truck for heavy duty on a regular basis then you need heavy plastic or rubber carpeted truck bed liner that will definitely work effectively to protect from scratches and dents.

Ease of installation

People find so much difficulty while installing bed liner so always purchases a bed liner that must be easy to install and remove.

So in case if you use a spray to protect from moisture and rusting it becomes easy to place it from one place to another.


Material affects the durability of the bed liner. So always use supreme quality plastic rubber with friction will not allow moving your cargo while traveling. Always check that your bed liner must be UV resistant.


After choosing the best product now you have to check that wheatear this bed liner is compatible with your truck surface or not. 

If you want truck bed liner that allows multiple surface holding than going with spray type bed liner.


The texture depends upon the way of loading. So if you load heavy things and slide them to front portion than slick texture is a better option. On another hand, if you load whole material at one place of the truck surface then rigid texture is recommended for you.

Types of Truck Bed Liner

There are three types of truck bed liner available in the market. 

Spray in Bed Liner

It is the most common type used by the majority of the truck driver. Although it is difficult to use this bed liner so a newbie will always face difficulty in installation.

In this process, you have to sand down your truck bed and then you have to put sprayer. These two steps get ignored by the majority of truck drivers.

Bed Mats

Bed mats are comparatively easy to install. It gives a wide option in the material of this product i.e. rubber, wood, and synthetic carpet.

So you can choose any one out of them depending upon your use. It will better protect your bed from dust and damage.

Bed Liner

If you are looking for a bed liner that covers each and every part of the truck back surface then bed liner will help in that situation. It covers the whole surface including wheel wells and tailgate. So it is an extra advantage with these types of bed liner.

Benefits of Truck Bed Liner

If you are a truck holder then you can’t underestimate the importance of truck bed liner. In order to maintain your truck, you need to spend some amount of money on the best truck bed liner.

Still, if you find any doubt regarding the benefits of truck bed liner then these points will help you out to make you aware of the importance of truck bed liner.

Damage protection

There is a higher chance of damage while taking your cargo from one place to another. A truck bed liner will also help to protect your cargo from rusting, dust and any climatic change.

Cargo protection

Cargo gets damage due to sliding while driving. So truck bed liner doesn’t allow friction and maintains your cargo stable.

Sound free ride

Moving of cargo cause high sound and when you have to travel a long distance it becomes very difficult to bear that sound. So it will provide sound free ride experience in the long run.


This is also an important factor that your truck will look great after applying the truck bed liner.

How to Apply Truck Bed Liner

Installation of truck bed liner depends upon the type of product. So it is recommended to read the instruction guide (comes with bed liner) very carefully.

Some types need a lot of efforts to install but in most of the case, it gets installed through roller or brush. Some rubber truck bed liner provides the option of manual installation. So you have to manually install it without using any roller.


These are the most common question asked by the majority of people regarding truck bed liner.

What if don’t use truck bed liner?

If you don’t use truck bed liner then your truck will not remain protected from dust, UV rays, Dents, and other physical damage.

Can we use bed liner spray on other surfaces also?

Yes, you can use it on other surface but it is advised to read all instructions carefully before using.

What are the things that I should keep in mind after putting bed liner?

There are no such things that you need to take care of after installation but one thing you have to check that bed liner should not get affected or damaged from somewhere. So it is advised to check it on a regular basis.


A bed liner will ensure the safety of your cargo and it is a very responsible thing to take cargo from one place to another. Spending some money on these accessories will improve the appearance of your truck.

We hope that these detailed reviews and guide helped in making your decision and to add value to your truck.

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