5 Best Wax For Black Cars 2020 (latest Reviews & Buying guide )

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Everyone loves black cars because they look classy and royal. But A black car can look dirty and unloving quicker than any other color. Little dust and screech can blemishes pop out!

When it comes to maintaining the same shiny and royal look they require lots of maintenance. So to maintain the same shiny and fabulous look we have reviewed 5 best high-quality wax for black cars in the market.

In this post we will also include detailed buying guide to help you to choose the best wax for black cars and also answered FAQ regarding like how to wax a black car and what are types of wax came in the market and many more.

Lets start with reviews.

Best car wax for black cars in 2020 (our top picks)

Meguiar’s Black Wax – Black Car Wax

Meguiar’s Black Wax – Black Car Wax

If you are looking a wax that is designed especially for black paint car then this would be the best option for you. This car wax is specially formulated to produce brilliant colour and shine for black cars. Its natural ingredient gives it a extra shine and deep gloss.

However, this is less liquid more of paste, This can be applied best with an applicator pad or DA polisher machine. But the result is better if you apply it through a polisher machine. Although you get the result by a applicator pad but need to put little more efforts.

Meguiar’s Black Wax contain Synthetic polymers that provides durable protection and kept gloss up-to for 4 months.

This wax is create with coat safe formula that will give your car a deep reflection and gloss with swirl free.

It will protect your black paint form dirt, rain, uv rays and maintain deep gloss reflection in your car.

If your are looking for a wax that is affordable and also give your car a perfect shinning then this will be a great option.

  • Especially for black paint car
  • Contain Synthetic polymers that provides durable protection
  • Gives it a extra shine and deep gloss
  • Protect your black paint form dirt, rain, uv rays
  • Affordable Prize
  • Not get other waxing accessories

CarGuys Hybrid Wax Sealant

CarGuys  Hybrid Wax Sealant

When it comes to car guys they are awesome. They always produced best quality product, we have tried their many product.

CarGuys Hybrid Wax Sealant can amaze you. This wax is a blend of Brazilian carnauba paste wax and liquid car polish. Produces a deep shine, slick surface and give you longer lasting protection.

According to company’s claim that it all requires 15 minutes to let your car make shiny and glossy. This is the quickest and simplest to use, just spray the wax and wipe it off. You don’t need DA polisher machine or any professional guy to do it. Within 15 minute your car look silky and shiny and gives you greater protection.

It is made from a safe formula that not produce any white residue and streak and give your car brilliant shine. Molecular nano level technology will take your car gloss and reflection at another level.

  • Produces a deep shine, slick surface
  • Molecular nano level technology take its gloss and shine to another level
  • Brazilian carnauba paste wax and liquid car polish
  • Protect your black paint form dirt, rain, uv rays
  • Easy to use: only 15 minute required
  • However its effect remain for 2months.

P21S 12700W Carnauba Wax

Meguiar’s Black Wax – Black Car Wax

P21S 12700W Carnauba Wax is also a great wax. However first we were also not aware about this brand but when we tried it, we are amazed by its results.

Carnauba wax is a blend of carnauba (natural ingredient) and bee wax. It will not let your color dry and powdery and filled all the white spot pits in plastic and rubber.

It will protect your color finish from UV rays, water, dirt and gives deep gloss and extra shinning to your car color.

However, it is a bit expensive over its size but if you’re serious about your car gloss and colour protect then you should try this. With one package you can wax your car nearly five times and it protects your colour and gloss last longer and in that way its not much expensive.

  • Protect your color finish from UV rays, water, dirt
  • Blend of carnauba(natural ingredient) and bee wax
  • Specially made for incredible shine and deep gloss
  • Not let your color dry and powdery
  • Bit expensive over its size

Meguiar’s Ultimate Liquid Wax.

Here another amazing car wax for black car form Meguiar’s. This is liquid wax that can provide the ultimate protection to your car colour and shine. Meguiar’s Ultimate Liquid Wax is not only no. one editorial choice but also have a best seller on online stores like Amazon and high rated by its user.

This is the best wax among the black car waxes. Another good reason to buy it is that it will give your extra ordinary results at afforadable price.

Its thin-film technology will let you to easy wax your car and simple wipe-off even in the sunny day.
Hydrophobic Polymer technology will not let water and dirt on your surface and instantly slip them of the surface.

Synthetic polymers give you last longer protection ( up to 3 months) to your black car and give you a silky and mirror like shine.

  • Gives awesome shine and gloss
  • Its thin-film technology will let you to easy wax your car
  • Synthetic polymers give you last longer protection ( up to 3 months)
  • Protect your black paint form dirt, rain, uv rays
  • Extra ordinary results at afforadable price
  • Not get other waxing accessories

Chemical Guys HOL203 Black Car Care Kit (9 Items)

If you are a car lover and always want your car deeply reflection gloss and extra-ordinary shinning then Chemical Guys HOL203 Black Car Care Kit will be complete solution for your car care.

However, these kits seem to you bit expensive but look them it in parts like with this kit you will get wet butter wax, high gloss soap, black light, wax spray silent, two wax applicator and three microfiber towel. So you will get everything to make your car classy. It worth money.

Take it as complete solution for complete care.

Before going to wax your car you will first wash it with gloss soap and then let it dry. Now apply the wax with the extra soft applicator it further protects your car from swirl and scratches.

Chemical Guys HOL203 Black Car Care Kit will complete the every need of your car required and protect your car UV rays, dirt, rain, swirl, and scraches.

If you car lover and want to give extra-ordinary care then this kit will be perfect solution for you.

  • Ultimate protection,mirror like shinning and gloss
  • Complete solution for complete care:9 item
  • Gives it a extra shine and deep gloss
  • Protect your car UV rays, dirt, rain, swirl, and scraches.
  • Affordable Prize
  • Bit expensive

Turtle Wax T-3KT Black Box Kit

Turtle Wax  Black Box

Turtle Wax T-3KT Black Box Kit is specially made for black car car. It give you a step by step solution that will provide your car deep reflection, shinning, durable and long lasting protection from dirt, water and sun rays and your car always look new and shinny.

With this kit you will get Pre Wax Cleaner and Conditioner (12 oz), 1ea Deep Black Carnauba Wax (12 oz), 2ea Black Spray Detailers (12 oz) and 2ea Applicator Pads.

Suppose if you have not used prep-wax cleaner then it will finally will create result of shinning that not great.

Even after years if you provide this complete solution to your car it may give the same look as showroom car.

  • COMPLETE CARE for black paint car
  • Get all kind wax and required accessories
  • Gives it a extra shine and deep gloss
  • long lasting protection form dirt, rain, uv rays
  • bit expensive (but think it as a kit)

Buying Guide: Things to consider before buying wax for black cars.

However to choose the best car wax for your black car is not much difficult and you only need to consider few things that also depends upon once choice. Here below things you should look at while choosing a car wax for your black car.

Determine car paint finish and age of car.

Before to buy a wax for your car you should determine the car surface paint finish. Your car has soft paint finish, silky paint finish, Matty paint finish or may have metallic paint finish. Most of the black car has soft and shiny paint finish. So don’t use abrasive wax they can scratch and lead to small circular scratches to your black car.

The other thing is whether your car is new or old. As old black cars colour and shine faded away and they have more scratches and dent over the surface. So in this case, choose a liquid car wax over spray and paste wax because it will fill with color deeply and make your colour long lasting again.

Wax and Shine

The major work of wax is to shine your car and keep protecting your colour to fade and dull. So this factor you must consider while choosing the best car wax for the black car. If you are the person you always to want their car to be gleaming and reflective, then you should go for wax tattoo kit that gives it extraordinary shine and turns into it a virtual mirror.

Ingredient used in wax.

Before to buy wax for your black car always check what types of ingredient it has. Generally in most of the car was there is two types of ingredient is used, one is synthetic and another is Carnauba (natural ingredients).
Carnauba car wax give more shine but it effect remain 1-2 months. Whereas synthetic wax effect remains up to last four months but they cannot give glossy shine equal to carnauba waxes. So choose according to your requirement.

Style of car waxes

There three kinds of car waxes came in the market. Paste wax, liquid wax and spray wax. However, the work of these three wax is the same to provide the protection from dirt, UV rays and water and maintain last longer gloss and shine.

Types of wax for black cars.

Mainly there are two kind of car wax came in the market. One is caranuba wax and another synthetic polymer.

Carnauba wax is also called Brazil wax and palm wax. It is made from the leaves of Brazilian palm tree that are generally found in Brazil that’s why carnauba wax also named Brazilian wax.

Carnauba wax is work best on black or darker color. When it comes to shine and gloss nothing can compete Carnauba wax. It will give your car extreme gloss and deep reflection. However Carnauba wax is natural ingredient will only last longer its effects to 1-2 months.

Synthetic wax are made by polymer by composing thousands of synthetic particles together. They are made prepared in labotories. They provide more protection from UV rays, humidity, water and dirt. There effect may last longer upto 5-9 months.

Synthetic waxes are softer than Carnauba wax and are much easier to remove from the vehicle. Can both apply by machine or hand.

Things to do before waxing Your black car.

Although, there is nothing much do to before waxing a car. There are only a few tips which you should do before waxing your car. Before waxing make sure the car surface should be clean and there should not be any dust particles in the air. Wash you are car before waxing and let it dry for some time.

Weather should not be too hot or cold. Warm your car little before waxing for effective waxing and you should do waxing in the garage so the temperature is normal and dust particles are not there.

If you follow above few tips before waxing then your car is get ready for perfect waxing

How to wax your black cars.

Here below in few step we will teach you step by step process for perfectly waxing your car.

First of all buy a high quality wax for your car. some other waxing accessories that required in waxing process like waxing pad, waxing machine and high quality cotton towel.

Some product came with usages instruction so always read and follow the recommended instruction.

With the wax pad you should apply the wax in a circular motion all over the car. Make sure a thin layer of wax is applied all over the car. But before applying your car should be washed and dried. Do not wax the interior part and head lights and tail lights and some other instructed parts.

Let it should dry and after dried, it will somewhat look like chalky. Now with the help of soft cloth or towel remove the dried wax in a circular motion or you can remove it with the help of wax removing machine for effective shine and gloss.

After removing wax, your car give a shinny and gloss look. Waxing also protect car gloss and color from dirt, chemical, sun rays and water.

Choose a clear and nice whether to wax your car for more efficient waxing.

Final Words.

Black car look classy and royal but they need more care than other cars to maintain that classy look because they look dirty quicker than other cars. As black cars show even small dings, marks, swirls and other imperfection quicker than other light colour cars.

However to look your car more shinny and glossy and to protect its color as new. You need to use high black wax for your black car. You can choose above reviewed top rated wax for black cars.

Further with above detailed guide you can learn how to choose best wax for your black car and how to wax your car and can also learn benefit of waxing your cars.

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