The Best Wheel Locks: Review and in-depth Guide 2020

Best Wheel Locks

In this modern world, the demand for the vehicle is continuously increasing and people spend a lot of bucks on the accessories to make their vehicle more attractive and catchy. The rim of a vehicle is responsible for maintaining the beauty of your vehicle. So the chance of theft also increases.

Many companies are working on creating anti-theft mechanisms that help to decrease the percentage of such risks. That’s how to wheel lock comes into consideration. This wheel locks system works effectively in increasing the security of your car.

 So here we will review best wheel locks that will protect your rims from thieves and don’t allow stealing with ordinary tools and keys.

What is Wheel Lock?

The wheel lock is a security system that installs in place of your lug nuts in your car wheel that can only open when you use special keys that comes with a lock. It will ensure the safety of your precious car rims while going outside.

5 Best Wheel Locks in market in 2020

There are many wheel locks in the market with different types and quality. Here we will provide the review of five wheel locks that help to choose the best wheel locks for your car.

1. Gorilla Automotive Guard Wheel Locks

It helps to protect your rim from thieves. So it is better to replace your stock rims. It comes with Acorn guard locks that don’t allow any tools to move any part of your car wheel.

It is very easy to use. So you don’t need to be panic regarding the installation of this wheel lock.

The lock is plated with chrome that gives a more expensive and attractive look. It comes with a complex security system. It means you need to rotate your key after inserting that actually leads a more secure system.

Gorilla Automotive Guard Wheel Locks are more durable because it is made up of hardening steel that makes it stronger. This steel wheel lock is available in many sizes. The length varies from 1.25 to 1.50 inches and comes with the same width of 12mm.

It comes with a strong lock mechanism that means it is impossible to remove your lock with the help of a hammer and other equipment. So after looking all features, it placed on number one position in the list of best wheel locks.


  • Available in 5 nut sizes
  • Unique groove design
  • Made up with durable steel
  • Comes with Chrome plating

2. Trimax Wheel Chock Lock

This company is well known for making the best high-quality protective equipment. In that order, Trimax Wheel Chock Lock protects your wheel and rim when you are not there to guard.

This is a clamp style lock and comes with extra features that make it unique and best among all wheel locks.

 It comes with three keys. So in case if you misplace one then other two will allow to lock and unlock. It is cylindrical in shape that is unbreakable in nature.

Anybody can install this wheel lock because it adjusts with the size of the wheel. You just need to set the size of tire. It comes with yellow painted color and made up of premium quality steel that makes it more durable and strong.

It is coated with an epoxy powder that prevents corrosion. It comes with an extra security locking system that is a bit difficult to unlock but overall it is a good product at an affordable price.


  • Powder coating helps to improve durability
  • Easy installation process
  • Comes with three keys


3. McGard 24548 Chrome Wheel Locks

It is the most trusted brand that providing security since 1964. It is very easy to use. It helps to provide extra protection so it needs a special key tool for locking and unlocking. It guides the key to enter into the lock pattern.

It is made up with computer generated key design that provides infinite numbers of the key pattern. This feature makes it different among all and also provides extra security add on.

It is available in many styles and thread patterns and made up with three layers of nickel and one layer of microspores that helps to provide extra protection and batter finish that makes it more attractive and expensive.

It also provides 8 different key hex sizes that help when a person wants to change the flat tire along the roadside.


  • It comes with 8 Different Key Hex Sizes
  • Triple-Nickel Chrome Plating for great finish
  • Provides Extra Narrow Groove Patterns

4. Toyota Genuine Accessories 00276-00900 Wheel Lock (Amazon Choice)

Toyota is the one of best-trusted auto industry brand that provides great protection for your tire and rim. It is protected with triple layer plating and chrome overlay that provide protection from corrosion.

 It is made with hardened steel that makes it stronger and durable. It provides extra balance feature that means your wheel balance will not get affected due to this wheel lock.

Although if you look at the design, then it comes with an attractive metallic design that looks genuine and more precious and also doesn’t allow to break after any physical pressure.

Although the price of Toyota Genuine Accessories 00276-00900 Wheel Lock is less comparing to their features. So you can choose according to your requirement.


  • Comes with advanced metallic protection
  • Affordable price
  • Triple-nickel plating

5. The Club Original Steering Wheel Lock (Amazon Choice)

The club original will provide extra security to your car. This small lock is made up with high metallic material that makes it stronger so that you will not face any problem while parked your car outside.

The security system is very easy to handle. However it doesn’t affect the quality of this product but still, it makes take very fewer efforts to operate this wheel lock.

The Club Original Steering Wheel Lock can fit on almost all vehicles. So it indicates the versatile nature of this product.

It provides two color options i.e. blue and red. This comes with a special feature that you can operate the visibility of this lock. It will not appear to outsiders that increase safety.

It comes with solid and cro- moly steel protection that ultimately helps to make this lock stronger. So it will not break even after beating from a hammer.

So if you want an effective and affordable wheel lock than Club Original Steering Wheel Lock will be a good option to consider.


  • unique style and different color options available
  • works for almost all cars
  • Provide extra metallic protection

Advantage of Wheel Locks

It comes two most important advantages that will motivate you to invest in the security of your car rims.

Protection of rim: It is the most important advantage that it will provide protection to your car rims because if we consider expense than the cost of wheel lock is very less in comparison to the new rim set.

Protection of Wheel: Wheel can also be stolen. So it is comparatively important to protect your wheel as well. Wheel lock helps to maintain the security of your wheel.

So if you want to protect the wheel and rim than you must need best wheel lock for your car.

Buying Guide for Best Wheel Locks

Buying a wheel lock is not an easy task you have to overlook so many things that will allow deciding best wheel lock and ensuring the security as well. So this detailed guide will help to make up your mind if you are getting confused in so many car wheel locks in the market.

How to install Wheel Locks

Installing a wheel lock is not a difficult task if you ever changed your car wheel than you can easily install wheel lock. So you have to follow below steps that will help to install wheel locks.

Remove Wheel Cover: In order to install wheel locks, you need to remove wheel cover or hubcaps. If you find difficulty in removing hubcaps than you need to take reference from the owner’s manual.

Remove Lug nut to verify: You need to remove one lug from one of your cartwheels to ensure that locks are compatible and also you can check style and pattern by adjusting one wheel.

Clean your studs: There may be some rust on your wheel studs. So clean it properly before installing.

Start Threading by Hands: After checking compatibility you need to install wheel locks by your hands. It is recommended to not use impact wrench as it can damage your lock.

Properly tighten the locking wheel: Now it’s time to tighten each lock by looking in your owner’s manual. Check once again after driving 25 to ensure security.

Things to Consider While Buying Wheel Locks for Cars

While looking for the security of your car you need to look at many things that help to make you capable of taking the ultimate decision regarding wheel locks. So given below is a list of things that you must consider while buying a wheel lock for the car.

Types of wheel lock

 There are two types of wheel locks in the market i.e. wheel clamp lock and wheel nut lock. You can choose according to your need and preference.

Wheel Clamp lock

These types of lock clamp around the wheel. The most important thing is that these types of locks are highly visible from outside. So people can see that car wheels are locked. It also helps to prevent your entire car from being stolen.

Wheel nut lock

In this type of wheel lock, lug nuts of your car get replaced with locked version. It is not visible from outside but extremely difficult to remove without the key. So make sure that you have to keep your wheel lock keys very safely.


You must ensure that the wheel lock is made up of solid metal or heavy material. So it will define how durable it will and also check the security of your wheels from a hammer.


Always look for a wheel lock that is more complex. In this modern world, companies are making a lock system with a more complex pattern and don’t allow easy handling. So always go with complex wheel lock in terms of security.

High-Quality Finish

You must ensure the quality of your wheel lock because there are so many seasonal changes that cause rusting in car lock and leads to a decrease in the security of your car.

So always look for a wheel lock that will not get affected during rain and snow season.

Fitting of wheel lock

To install a wheel lock system you need to replace with lug nut in your wheel. So always check that size of lug nut manually before installation. Also, make sure that it will fit on another car also. So you can place on any car in the future.


Price is another important factor to consider. So make sure that the price of wheel lock must be in your budget but it is recommended to never compromise with quality and other factors.

Quality or Cost

There are many wheel locks in market comparatively low price but it is recommended to never compromise with the quality of lock because lug nut will get damaged if you go with cheap wheel locks. So always prioritize quality over cost to prevent yourself from these damages.


These are the most common question asked by millions of people.

Q. How do wheel lock works?

It depends upon the type of wheel lock that you have selected. If you selected wheel lock that is not visible from outside (Wheel nut lock) that it will eternally connect with keys and replaced by lug nut.

If you select the type of wheel lock that is visible from outside then it will lock your car from outside.

Q. How to remove wheel lock nut without a key?

If you lost the keys than in that case a mechanic will help you to take away from this problem.

In case if there is no mechanic available then get a socket wrench that fits over the lock and then beat with a hammer after nuts get loose so after that unscrew the wheel lock.

Final Words

It is better to go with safety especially if you are living in an area where the rate of crime is high. So it’s always a better option to buy wheel lock instead of purchasing entire new wheels.

Although it depends upon the budget and preference it is sure that these detailed reviews and guide will help you in deciding the best wheel lock for your car.

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