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Frequently people wish to make particular sorts of guest posts and publish them on the web. We are here to give them the ideal chance and stage to do as such for such individuals. We at autocareexpert.com are here to allow you to publish your online blogs. We are here to give you a spot where you can see your blog get visited by users from everywhere in the world. Many individuals visit our web blogs, and we wish to include you for our family too. Giving blogs to us on topics from almost anything will get your blog published on our website’s blog area.

Why should I submit guest posts?

Publishing a blog of their own is a wish for some of the people out there. They wish to create a blog site where they can write interesting, informative, and innovative blogs that people will visit and read intently. But this is sometimes easier said than done, as in the beginning, people face difficulty attracting an audience. 

Therefore, to make this problem gone, we are here to provide you with a platform to publish your blogs as a guest. By acting as a guest blogger, more and more people will read your blogs in the starting phase, and you will soon reach a level of recognition. From there, it will be easier for you to start your very own blog site. 

Guest bloggers get the exposure they so desire, but instead of getting the exposure all by themselves, they get it on our behalf. As a site, we are in need of content, and you, as a blogger, are in need of a publisher. We can, therefore, satisfy each of our needs very easily.

Topics for guest posts

When it comes to writing blogs regarding automobiles, there are a plethora of areas one can involve them in. There is an ocean of ideas and topics on which one can write blogs. The following points will give you a clear perspective on which one can write as guest blogger.

  1. Car comparison
  2. Specific car feature
  3. DIY car repair tips
  4. Tips for testing a car before purchase
  5. Details on car warranties
  6. Tips for maintaining a new car
  7. Tips for improving mileage
  8. Tips for maintaining mileage
  9. Wheel types and other information
  10. Best cars for specific personalities
  11. New cars
  12. Luxury cars
  13. Driving laws
  14. Details on gas choices

What are we looking for in a guest post?

Like any other work, guest post writing and publishing is a professional one. There are certain protocols and practices that one must follow, even when writing the simplest to simplest blogs and posts. As a blog publishing site, we also keep certain criteria in mind that we hope every person who sends us blogs follow. These criteria are not complex but are crucial. Here are some of them.

Target audience appropriately

We look for blogs that target a particular audience. Often we have seen that writers tend to aim to appeal to a large section of the audience but, in the end, fail to appeal to even one of them. This should be avoided. Writers should target a particular section and see how these people can relate to your blogs.

Following guidelines and making your owns

Each site has different guidelines that writers should follow. In our case, we give you the freedom to write as you will. But we only request our writers to prevent writing on sensitive topics and avoid hurting any section of society.

Highlighting stats

When writing a technical blog or almost any blog, you might see the need to do in-depth research and crank in some numbers. These are the statistics that the topic on which you are writing has. These stats are crucial and need to be brought to light more than any other thing. So, we hope that you highlight these numbers and shine light upon them.

Give your best

We request you to write your best and give your all when writing the blog. It is simple to understand when reading a post whether the blog is writing wholeheartedly or whether it was rushed.

Add captivating headlines

Headlines are key to any blog. We wish that you add a headline that is interesting and gives a preview of the whole post.

What don’t we accept in the guest post?

Often people who write blogs make some critical mistakes that can’t be overlooked. Here are some of these critical mistakes listed below that one should not make.

  • Don’t copy blogs
  • Don’t forget to add headlines
  • Don’t forget to add a conclusion
  • Don’t stray off-topic
  • Don’t promote personal sites and links
  • Don’t add mean comments
  • Don’t write single blogs that cover two or more topics

How to submit a guest post?

Submitting a guest post to us is pretty simple. All you need to do is write a blog and send that post to use via email to our mail id  serptrustmarketing@gmail.com We have our mail always open, and we try to respond to your mail as quickly as possible.


What should I write about?

We want you to write a blog almost about everything. Blogs related to modern technology, business, relationship, entertainment, gaming, entrepreneurship, success, and much more.

Where would it be a good idea for me to send my blog? 

You can send your blog to our email id serptrustmarketing@gmail.com We visit our email id consistently and react to all our substance makers concerning distributing their sites.

Do you alter the post? 

We don’t generally alter posts; however, at times, the blog requires greater clearness. In these cases, we deliver some minor changes to the blog without hampering the general substance. We do suggest the author before making the changes.

Do I get recognition for writing the posts?

We at autocareexpert.com always add the writer’s name at the end of the blog so that the readers can get to know about the people who wrote the high-level contents.

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